Flex Digital Print for Print-on-Demand

We're excited to introduce Flex Digital Print, NeatoPOD's new and exclusive printing method!

Flex is a full color printing method that produces a smooth surface print with vibrant colors and amazing wash durability on a wide variety of garments. Unlike DTG, which can only be printed on cotton, Flex can be printed on practically all kinds of fabrics.

Photo of Flex printed image

Benefits of Flex

Here are the benefits of Flex Digital Print:

• There's no minimum quantity. You can print just one T-shirt with Flex.

• Full color graphics with photograph-quality details, sharp lines and vibrant colors. Unlike screen printing, there's no limitations on the number of colors.

T-shirts printed with Flex Examples of T-shirts printed with Flex (Artists: Boggs Nicolas, kg07, fujiwara08, and Snouleaf)

• Print on a wide variety of garments, including 100% cotton, 50/50 cotton/polyester, 100% polyester, rayon, silk, and leather.

• Extremely durable in the wash. Your tee will look like new for a long time.

• Special positioning of the image, including printing the image aligned with the bottom of the shirt:

Bottom-aligned print with Flex

... or over seams:

Over seam print with Flex Example of image printed over seams (Image: School Spirit HQ)

... or on short sleeves:

Short sleeve logo print with Flex

... and long sleeves (outer arm as well as inner forearm/wrist prints):

Outer long sleeve and inner forearm and wrist prints with Flex

• Full color inside neck label, perfect for branding:

Custom inner neck label

• The ability to print jumbo print size, up to 15 inches wide by 19 inches tall (more than 60% larger than standard print)

Flex jumbo print size Left: Standard print size. Right: jumbo print size. Artist: Snouleaf

Special Consideration for Flex Digital Print

All printing methods have their own strengths and limitations, and Flex is no exception. Below are some considerations when printing with Flex:

  • Flex can print fine details, including lines as fine as 1 mm (0.05 in) wide but it's best to avoid them in your design.
  • Avoid soft edges such as fades, drop shadows, glows, and smoke effects.
  • Use 100% opacity in your design and avoid semi-transparency, as semi-transparent areas will print with dull/whitish colors.
  • Like any printing method, a large solid area of ink printed with Flex can feel heavy. It's best to use Flex for images with a lot of negative space.